Training Courses in CV Writing

Write the CV that Can't be Ignored

Course Content

Course Overview
 - Learning Objectives

About CVs
 - What is a CV ?
 - Chronological CV
 - Functional (or Skills-Based) CV
 - Rules for Writing CVs
 - CV Dos and Doníts

Preparing Your CV

Writing your CV
 - The Summary Page
 - My Summary Page
 - Professional Experience
 - My Professional Experience
 - Qualifications
 - My Qualifications
 - Interests and Additional Information
 - My Additional Information

Proofing and Checking Your CV
 - Overcoming Common CV Problems

The Cover Letter
 - Why Write a Cover Letter ?
 - Cover Letter Contents
 - My Cover Letter

Adapting Your CV

A Personal Action Plan

CV writing training

Course Aims

This intensive half-day workshop will provide delegates with the information they require to write a CV that makes an effective first impression that will significantly improve their chances of getting an interview.

At the end of this workshop participants will:

 -  Understand the need for a CV for good first impressions
 - Be able to write a CV that gets them an interview
 - Have reviewed and modified their own CV

Workbook and Reference Guide

The delegate workbook forms the basis for discussion and note taking during the workshop, but it also includes explanations that are intended to enable its use as a reference guide afterwards.

Target Audience

Anyone who is looking for employment and wants to understand how to write an effective CV that will enhance their prospects of being selected for interview.