Redundancy and Outplacement Training Packages

Training and Skills Upgrades to Help Those Affected

With the “Credit Crunch” at the head of almost every news programme or editorial, it doesn’t look as if things are about to improve, with professional services firm, Ernst & Young, describing the current economic climate as a "horror movie" at risk of turning into a "disaster movie".

In order for a business to survive in a harsher economic climate, there is often no alternative to cutting costs to balance lower income – and although redundancy programmes are painful to both employers and employees alike, they are an inevitable consequence of these times.

At Activia, we have launched a special service – with new courses designed specifically as affordable, easy-to-take modules that will assist employers with outplacement support programmes and provide genuine, relevant new career skills for people who are either facing redundancy or are already unemployed.
Redundancy training


A very popular policy for employers is to offer a career outplacement training service which assists those selected for redundancy by providing training to acquire new skills. This is a very ‘human’ approach that eases the pain for managers and remaining staff as well as those who are going.
With careful help, employees can find new employment quickly and the negative effects of what has happened can be minimised.


Training gives you enormous benefits in the job market. Whether you have undertaken a structured training programme or attended courses targeted at specific areas of improvement, your appeal to employers will be considerably enhanced.
You will learn, you will feel good and you will have much more confidence in your career. What’s more, your recent training will be a tangible demonstration that you have a new and higher worth than before.

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